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Windows Applications

StatModeler 2.0
StatModeler is the successor to the Wingress Regression Analysis Wizard software. StatModeler is an end-user tool designed for easy single and multiple variable regression modeling and analysis of existing Excel, dBase, or Paradox datasets.

Components for Delphi Programmers

TDescStat v. 2.00TDescStat is a ZDNet Five-Star Program
A Descriptive (Summary) Statistics Component set. Analyze dataset with all statistical measures. Works with TDataset descendents in Delphi and C++ Builder. Version 1 was awarded 5 Star Editors Pick by ZDNet. Search terms: Descriptive Statistics, Summary Statistics.

TMLRegress v. 2.04
Multiple Regression Analysis components were designed for Delphi developers, requiring a minimum knowledge of statistics and some basic database application development skills. An entry-level Delphi programmer can use the component set to create an application with full Ordinary Least Squares capabilities. The components contain all of the mathematics required for regression modeling analysis of data from datasets. Search terms: Multiple Regression, Least Squares, Linear Regression.

TNs2Server v. 2.0
This is a very specialized component for users of Ward Systems Groups' NeuroShell 2 Product. NeuroShell 2 is a neural network modeling, training tool which includes a runtime DLL for executing trained networks in custom applications. Ns2Server is a Delphi Wrapper Component Set that facilitates use of the DLL in Delphi (C++ Builder) applications.

TSLRegress v. 2.0
The Simple Regression Components are the single variable version of the Multiple Regression components described above.

TTrialware Pro v. 2.0
Use TTrialware Pro to protect your downloadable Delphi applications. Delphi programmers can limit the functionality of their applications, releasing the full features after payment is received. Search terms: Software Protection, Trialware, Encryption, Vernam Cipher.

Small Business Software

OrderGen 3.1
OrderGen is a stand-alone WinXP - Win8 purchase order software application for creating and managing purchase requisitions and purchase orders. Customers of this product include small and medium organizations including: computer suppliers, credit unions, school districts, state and local govt agencies, and manufacturing companies.

InvoWiz 3.0
InvoWiz is among the best-known small business invoicing programs available on the Internet. Since its original creation in 1997 for Windows 95, InvoWiz has evolved into a full-featured customer billing management application.

Press Release-O-Matic
Press Release-O-Matic is a press release formatting software package which helps business owners and anyone needing media publicity to create a properly formatted press release for submission to publication, broadcast, and Internet media editors. For Windows 95 through XP.

Educational Products and Ebooks

Finding a Profitable Niche Market
These online videos demonstrate how to use long tail keyword research software to find micro niche products or services to market through SEO [Search Engine Optimization] or PPC [Pay-Per-Click].

Online Income Projects
This site contains an ebook and video series describing various projects one can pursue online (and offline) to make regular small business income.

Web Sites Designed for Adsense
Tutorial products that describe how to create and structure web sites for maximum revenue through Google's Adsense program. These tutorials are provided in a DVD collection.


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