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Delphi Development Services

Borland Technology Partner

Delphi and Object Pascal are descendents of Borland's Turbo Pascal and Borland Pascal for Windows. Delphi is the premier Object-Oriented, RAD development tool for Windows. Our company uses Delphi for almost all of our own application development, and we offer the following Delphi related services to our clients.

Application Conversions
Conversion of existing custom single-user or networked software from DOS,
ObjectVision or Paradox for Windows to Delphi (or C++ Builder).

Database Applications
Custom database software development services for businesses engaged in manufacturing, education, advertising, research, and telecommunications: desktop, web, and client/server database systems.

Delphi Components
AAS has developed several Delphi components and C++ Builder components which are in use by customers world-wide. Our main commercial components support decision making technology systems including statistical analysis, mathematical modeling and optimization, data mining, neural network and AI expert systems.

Introductory Delphi Training
Applied Analytic Systems has offered Delphi and C++ Builder-related seminars and training courses in the Atlanta, GA and Pittsburgh, PA metro areas. The Introductory Delphi Training course presents the fundamentals of Delphi and Object Pascal from a very basic standpoint requiring minimal prior programming knowledge.

Specialized Delphi Training
We offer seminars on advanced Delphi programming. Topics such as component and DLL design, OLE, COM, Web database, CGI and ISAPI programming, Optimization, Statistical and Mathematical Programming, and Artificial Intelligence application development are selected in advance by the participants.

Statistical Software & Delphi
Applied Analytic Systems works with many organizations on database issues like data collection, data modeling, database querying, and statistical report generation. While we use SPSS, Statistica, and Excel for analysis, our software development practice is limited to Delphi, C++ Builder, and Visual C++.

Web Applications with CGI Expert
As a
CGI Expert Consulting Partner since 1998, Applied Analytic Systems has developed dozens of web-based CGI/ISAPI applications for data acquisition, ecommerce, site security, and web form processing.

Delphi Reading List
Delphi books covering a variety of Delphi and C++ Builder understanding levels and ipuzzlebiz interests.



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