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ObjectVision 2.1 ObjectVision 2.1

Borland's ObjectVision is a forms-based language for Windows 3.0 and 3.1 that was produced until late 1992. It's great for creating quick forms to maintain a database, and major applications can (and have been) developed with OV. It works with Paradox, dBase, BTrieve, and ASCII files. While OV applications will run under the 32-bit Windows platforms (95/98 and NT), it certainly is not the ideal programming environment for developing new Win 32 applications.

Applied Analytic Systems developed many ObjectVision business database applications in the early-to-mid 90s. We are one of the few firms with the significant experience in ObjectVision, Paradox, and Delphi to be able to upgrade OV applications to 16 or 32 Bit Delphi, or to 16 or 32 Bit Paradox for Windows. This enables your firm to leverage the investment in the data contained in the dBase or Paradox tables your application currently uses, decreasing the cost of upgrading.

By the way, our suggestion is that Delphi should be used for upgrading ObjectVision applications, since it offers superior performance and flexibility over Paradox.

Not using Windows 95/98 or 2000? We can help you get more mileage out of your existing Windows 3.1 based ObjectVision application if desired, by developing custom DLLs to extend OV capabilities. We have experience with most of the major third-party DLLs for ObjectVision, in addition to our own DLLs (which, incidentally, are still available for sale). Call us for rates and availability.

Concerned about Year 2000 compliance?

In 1998-99, we received several questions about ObjectVision's Y2K compliance.

  • There is no issue concerning the compliance of ObjectVision itself. ObjectVision is a developer's tool. Its operation is not affected by the date.
  • Applications developed using ObjectVision might be non-compliant, depending upon the application's development team.
  • If you have an ObjectVision application developed in 1993, 94 or 95 it may be non-compliant since many developers were not taking 2000 compliance into consideration at that time. Such consideration would involve the use of four-digit date formats for presentation and calculations.

If you would like for us to test an ObjectVision application for compliance, please contact us at the phone number or email address below. We will instruct you in how to deliver the application to us and provide you with a cost estimate based upon your description of the application.

Call or email our development group with any ObjectVision-related questions, comments, or ObjectVision conversion requests [to Delphi or C++ Builder].


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