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Consulting Services

Consulting Staff MemberApplied Analytic Systems offers quantitative analysis and consulting to major corporations, government agencies, hospitals, research centers, and to other independent consulting and services firms.

While our Consulting Services Group is very experienced in general programming and software development, our specialty and primary focus is the incorporation of Special Technologies into existing and custom software applications. 

About Special Technologies...

Special Technologies are of increasing interest to corporate and non-profit organizations striving to deal effectively with voluminous available information which is being collected daily. These technologies involve or include modeling & design of algorithms and systems for machine learning, data mining, forecasting, prediction, and optimization.

Neural Networks

Neural Network Modeling
Backpropagation Training
Generalized Regression Networks
Predictive and Classification Models

Statistics & Optimization

Statistical Modeling and Analysis
Fuzzy Database Searching
Optimizing Product Mix Scenarios
Rule-Based Diagnostic Systems

Borland Technology Partner

Custom Software Development

Applied Analytic Systems provides quality Windows-based custom software services that help to keep businesses functioning as efficiently as is possible using latest available technology. We work with all kinds of companies and government agencies. AAS has developed software and training for organizations such as U.S. Veteran's Administration and digital marketing services providing competitor keyword research for local businesses.

32,64-Bit Windows Software Upgrades
Statistical Programming and Development
Desktop to Web Database Conversions
Web and Client/Server Database Software
Custom Report Generation
Online Documentation and Tutorials
CGI, ISAPI, and Internet Applications
Programmer Training and Software Use Training

Technology Research

Applied Analytic Systems does extensive research into state-of-the-art quantitative and automation technologies.

Got a new grant or contract and need help with deliverables? We subcontract services to businesses working on SBIR, STTR, government, and corporate-funded research projects.

Seeking funding for new software ideas? We can [confidentially] analyze the feasibility of your idea and help you develop a basic system prototype to demonstrate your concept to potential investors.

Consultation Process

Applied Analytic Systems Consulting Group does not charge for initial consultations and evaluations. For information about our consulting procedures and rates, contact us by e-mail at In your e-mail message, tell us a little about your project or situation, and include your phone number. Our Consulting Services Director will contact you by email or telephone.

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