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Regression Modeling Software
What is StatModeler?

StatModeler is a new, superior successor of Applied Analytic Systems' Wingress.

StatModeler is a complete end-user application that allows anyone with a basic knowledge of statistics and regression to 1) do summary analysis of any database field, 2) perform two mean and paired hypothesis testing and 3) to model and conduct either a simple (single variable) or multivariate regression analyses from any supported database.

The focus of StatModeler is multiple curvilinear regression. Modeling and solving a regression model with StatModeler is as simple as opening a data file and selecting selecting the dependent variable, selecting the independent variable(s), then solving and viewing the regression plots and ANOVA outputs. Predictions can be conducted based upon the solution of the model.

Like WinGress, StatModeler 2K3 was developed in Delphi (5) and it uses the powerful multiple regression analysis Delphi/C++ Builder components from Applied Analytic Systems, and incorporates advanced modeling capabilities including curvilinear, polynomial, and response surface regression, and advanced model refinement processes like stepwise & exhaustive selection optimal regression.

Note: StatModeler is not a programmer's tool. You do not need Delphi or any programming language to use it.

Multiple Regression Modeling

Regression (simple or multiple) is an inferential statistical analysis methodology that uses general or least-squares differential equation solutions to identify the relationships between a dependent (response) variable and one or more independent (control) variable(s). Analysts primarily use regression for forecasting and prediction modeling, using the equation coefficents that result from the solution of the least squares system. It is not necessary to understand the calculus of least squares to use regression analysis effectively.

Some example applications of multiple regression modeling

  • CAMA (Computer Assisted Mass Apraisal) Systems [real estate]
  • Trend Analysis [revenue and sales, stock market/investment]
  • Revenue/Yield (Perishable Inventory) Management [Airline, Hospitality, Retail]
  • Forecasting [demand, sales, financial, time-series]
  • Prediction [e.g. Performance vs. Test Scores and Grades]
  • Compliance [e.g. equal employment opportunity or environmental studies]
StatModeler Application, Input
Datasets, and Output Reports

Analysts can use Excel datasets and SPSS datasets with StatModeler. StatModeler is easier to use than Excel.

StatModeler is a 32-bit Windows executable application requiring Windows 95/98/ME or NT/2000/XP and 64 Meg memory. It can analyze data stored in StatModeler's own database file format as well as dBase/Foxpro, Paradox, and Excel CVS file formats.

Outputs include full ANOVA (analysis of variance) reports including coefficient values, r-squared, adjusted r-squared, s-squared, F, t, and p-values, and charting / plotting utilities which facilitates full residual analysis, allowing analysts to validitate the model by testing the basic assumptions of a regression model and its appropriateness for the given dataset.

This program is ideal for researchers and analysts with quick projects that need to draw inferential conclusions and predictive functions through regression.

StatModeler 2K3 Screen Shots
Dataset "Bank.xsm"
  • Open Data File in Main Screen
  • Creating Multiple Regression Model:Y
  • Creating Multiple Regression Model:Xi
  • Accept Model Variable Selection
  • 3 Variable Multiple Regression Model
  • Plot of Model Y vs X1
  • Plot of Model Residual vs X2
  • Multiple Regression Model ANOVA
The model associated with this sample dataset is one which allows the analyst to predict, for example, an employee's current salary based upon other factors like beginning salary, educational level, age, job description...

Of course you could use the same dataset to create predictive models for other employee variables. This dataset was initially used as part of an EEOC study of fairness in hiring.
System Requirements
  • Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP
  • 64 Meg Ram
  • Data in dBase (.dbf), Excel (.cvs), or Paradox (.db) format
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