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 Statistical Analysis

Delphi 5

Muliple Variable Regression
Components for Delphi Programming

Applied Analytic Systems' Multiple Regression Analysis components were designed so that a developer with little knowledge of statistics and some database application development skills, can program an application with full OLS regression analysis capabilities.

The components contain all of the mathematics required for regression modeling analysis of data from datasets in which a relationship between the data in multiple datafields is suspected.

Advanced Regression Modeling & Analysis

The MLR components support transformation of the data contained in database table fields. For any variable x in the regression model:

y = b0 + b1x1 + ... + bnxn + e ,

possible transformations of xj include

  • field1*field2 (product transformation)
  • ln(field1) (log transformation)
  • 1/field1 (multiplicative inverse transformation)
  • field1k (kth power transformation)

where field1 and field2 are any two fields within a database result set.

Response variables can also be transformed to achieve a curvi-linear regression model. Modeling the data transformations is explained in the MLR Help file.

References for Regression Analysis

Before programming a regression application, review of regression theory would be very helpful.

Both of the following texts are highly recommended as references for multiple variable regression techniques. The text by J. Wesley Barnes is more introductory in nature.

How the Components Work

The initial version included a TTable descendent component (TMLRTable) class and a TQuery descendent (TMLRQuery) component class. Each of these required the presence of the Borland Database Engine on the target system.

Version 2.0 replaces the TMLRTable and TMLRQuery with a single TDatasource descendent, TMLRDatasource, making the component set independent of the database engine. This new component can be used with any TDataset descendent which implements the typical dataset navigation methods, e.g.

  • TADOTable
  • TClientDataset
  • TDBISAMTable/Query
  • TIBTable
  • TTable/Query
  • TYourOwnTDatasetDescendent

The TMLRDatasource component loads the data contained in its assigned Dataset property, and performs the developer-defined modeling and the associated required mathematical calculations.

TMLRegress Features

Instantaneously performs regression on any numeric data accessible through any TDataset compatible database engine.

No need for your customers to to export data from your application's Paradox, dBase, or InterBase file formats to SPSS, SAS, Excel, Quattro Pro, or 1-2-3 to analyze.

Scatter plots quickly show whether a linear data trend appears to be present among any of the control variables and the response variable.

A variety of residual plots are available to access whether the general assumptions of a linear regression model are satisfied.

Plots of residuals, y vs xi, for each i, and the cumulative distribution function can be viewed using the component plotting methods, or via another third-party graphing utility using the component properties.

Can identify outlying data and predict the value of the dependent variable for different inputs of independent variable values.

Delphi VCL Components allow developers to set all the parameters visually at design time if appropriate, or to develop complex models at run time.

Sample project with multiple data tables and demo Object Pascal source code.

TMLRegress Online-Tutorial demonstrates the building of a regression model with a TMLRTable component and five (5) lines of event-handler code.

Please click here to take the regression tutorial.

Consulting Assistance

We recognize that, under any circumstance, programming multivariate regression applications is not the easiest development activity. Applied Analytic Systems is available to assist developers with integrating MLR components into their applications, for statistical modeling assistance, for custom statistical programming, and and for code review.

In most cases, we can provide substantial assistance with three or four billable hours. For help, contact our Statistical Consulting Group by email at or by phone at 412.253.4160.

TMLRegress Component Set

Available As TMLRDatasource and TStatFieldList (also includes the TSLRDatasource Simple Regression Component).
Current Version 2.0
License Unlimited Runtime Distribution
Development Platform 32-Bit (Delphi 3.0, 4.0, 5.0, 6.0, and 7.0)
Windows 95/98/ME, Windows NT/2000/XP

Database Engine Requirements Any database engine that uses TDataset descendents which implement Open, Close, First, Last, and Next methods and have TFields of type ftFloat or ftInteger.
Documentation Delphi-style help file, demo project, and tutorial.
Per Developer Cost
Single-User Licenses
  • DCU Version - US $199.97
  • Source Code Version - US $299.97
Site Licenses View Source Code Site License info. Major Corporations, Agencies, Universities, mail purchase orders to: Applied Analytic Systems.

Trialware Disks

DCU Delphi 3,4,5 & 6 IDE-Only Trial Diskette

Mailed within 48 hours - $39.95. Please note your Delphi version (3, 4, 5, or 6).

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