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Software Protection for Delphi 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
and C++ Builder 3 and 4

TTrialware is a Delphi and C++ Builder software protection and registration control component set. It enables developers to release trialware, shareware, and time or use-limited versions of their software to online libraries and internet sites, and activate the full features of the software by subsequently supplying a registration code to the customer. Proper entry of the registration code transforms the application into a full registered version.

There are several similar products available for Delphi that use a variety of algorithmic techniques. TTrialware uses Applied Analytic Systems' implementation of the Vernam Cipher to encrypt the user name and (optionally) system information to determine the registration code. The TTrialware component compiles directly into the application's exe file. There are no additional dlls or datafiles to distribute. In addition to making TTrialware powerful and secure, we have done everything possible to make it also easy to use.

General Capabilities of TTrialware Standard

Each of the following properties, methods, and events are used by the developer to provide the appropriate interface and registration experience to the event-user. Using these properties, the application can be made to work only on a particular workstation, only with a particular UserName, or both.

Registration Control Component Properties
Fig. 1 TTrialWare Component Properties

There is a single method, which tells the application whether it is being used by a registered or licensed user. The developer can disable certain functionality or display a "nag message" whenever an unregistered version of the application is found to be in use. The method is appropriately named IsRegistered.

Software Protection Method
Fig. 2 TTrialWare Component Methods

Currently, TTrialware has two (2) associated events. These are used to respond to a user when user data is input in an attempt to register an application.

These events,

Registration Control Events
Fig. 3 TTrialWare Component Events

if assigned, are triggered whenever a user enters data into the UserCode property. The event handlers assigned to these events are typically message boxes used to thank the user for registering or to inform the user that the data entered is not a correct registration code.

TTrialware Pro 2.0

Developers can now choose a Pro version of TTrialware for Delphi 3, Delphi 4, Delphi 5, Delphi 6, or Delphi 7 or C++ Builder 3 or C++ Builder 4.

TTrialWare Pro includes the enhanced TTrialWare descendent, TTrialMonitor, described below.

In addition to its registration code generation and enforcement, TTrialMonitor actually monitors the user's trial usage of your application.

The TTrialware Pro 2.0 Component Set adds capabilities most requested by our users:

  • Default Registration Information entry form - TTrialWare and TTrialMonitor
  • Auto storage of Registration Information [TTrialWare and TTrialMonitor]
  • Limit uses to a certain number of days (e.g.. 30-day trial) [TTrialMonitor only]
  • Limit software to a maximum number of uses (e.g. 15 uses) [TTrialMonitor only]
  • A cannot-use-beyond DropDead date (e.g. 12/31/01) [TTrialMonitor only]
  • A Date class that is sensitive to Regional Date Formats [TTrialDate]

TTrialMonitor Registration Control Object Inspector View
Fig. 4 TTrialMonitor Component Object Inspector


The TTrialFormLink component allows users to create forms for acquiring and displaying registration information and easily link the forms using the TTrialWare.NewRegistration method.

TTrialware and TTrialware Pro Component Set


Component Set Name Includes
TTrialware Standard TTrialKey, TTrialware, and TTrialFormLink
TTrialware Pro TTrialware Standard + TTrialMonitor & TTrialDate Components
Latest Version 2.1.0 (Jan 2001)
Encoding Algorithm(s) Modified Vernam Cipher
Documentation Delphi-style Windows help file, Readme File, and demo project with (demo) source.
License Unlimited Runtime Distribution. Compiles into exe. No dlls to distribute.
Site Licenses and Source Availability Contact for site license information. Source code is not available for this component.
Platforms Supported
TTrialware Standard Set Delphi 2.0, 3.0, 4.0
C++ Builder 3.0
TTrialware Pro Set Delphi 3.0, 4.0, 5.0, 6.0, 7.0
C++ Builder 3.0 and 4.0
Single Developer Cost
TTrialware Standard Set US $27 per developer
TTrialware Pro Set US $49 per developer

Credit Card Orders

TTrialware Std: Product No 2544 - USD 27

TTrialware Pro: Product No 3812 - USD 49

Paypal Orders Processed by Applied Analytic Systems' SOHO Software Group. Your product file will be sent by email.

Checks or Money Order Payments Checks for TTrialware can be mailed to our office. Make $US check or money order payable to Applied Analytic Systems, Inc. Please specify the version of Delphi (or C++ Builder) you are using, and include your email address.

Mail to:

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