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Internet Development
The Company Web Group

The Company Web is an Internet Partnership between Applied Analytic Systems and Prince Media Group [Atlanta, GA]. Prince Media Group is well know as one of the top graphic design and print production firms in Atlanta.

The venture offers complete web site design, hosting, and programming services for small, medium, and large corporate businesses. Our most basic service is the development of a five or six page web site for under $500. This allows small businesses to get started with a modest site, then add additional pages and functionality as needs change (as you start to do more business on the web).

For more demanding business requirements, we also provide any combination of ...

  • Active Server Page design
  • Level5 Quest Server development
  • WinCGI/ISAPI Programming
  • Delphi/C++ Builder/CGI Expert Applications
  • Java/JavaScript Programming
  • Internet Testing and Assessment Software
  • Member of the PayPal Developer NetworkNT Web Server Database Applications
  • Artificial Intelligence-driven Web Pages
  • ECommerce Development and Site Integration
Custom Web Development/Script
Modification & Configuration (Hourly)

Our custom web application development is limited to NT-based web servers; however, we do offer installation and modification of existing Perl/CGI scripts for UNIX web servers.

If you have already discussed your project with us and received a quote, you can pay for your custom web site or script modifications with your credit card. Pay for the number of hours you have been quoted by our staff member.

Please discuss your project with us by email or telephone (724.698.5854) and get a free quote before ordering through either of the above links.

Web Hosting and Management

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