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  InvoWiz 2.0 - Invoice Software Toolbar
  • Multiple Invoice Formats
  • Monthly Invoice Digest
  • Batch Invoice Printing
  • Invoice By Email Option
  • Easy-to-use Wizard Interface
  • Y2K Compliant (we guarantee it will work on Jan 1, 2000)
  • Use InvoWiz 98 FREE for 30 days *
    * NO NAG Screens at all.
* NO USAGE RESTRICTIONS for 30 days from install date.
Current Version - 7/26/99 What's New
  • Download InvoMailer 98 Now
    Send InvoWiz 98 invoices by email!
  • Online Tutorial - Creating your first InvoWiz 98 Invoice
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InvoWiz 98 - Real Invoice Software

  package consists of the following, easy-to-use applications...
InvoWiz 98 - To Generate invoices quickly (*basic)
InvoData - To Add, Edit, and Delete customer& product data (*included)
InvoViewer 98 - To Search, View and Print existing invoices (*included)
InvoMailer 98 - To Send invoices by email (Currently available. Additional Cost: $25 per computer)

Old InvoWiz 95 version InvoWiz 98

InvoWiz 98 is the latest version (2.0) of InvoWiz, an easy-to-use quick invoice generation software package. Because of its simplicity and ease of use, version 1 of InvoWiz was one of the most popular invoicing software packages available on the internet.  InvoWiz 95 (v. 1.5) is currently licensed to business owners in most of the English-speaking countries of the world.

InvoWiz 98 Minimum Requirements...

Operating System Hardware
Windows 95 or 8 MB memory
Windows 98 or 2.5 MB hard disk space
Windows 2000 or Mouse (pointing device)
Windows NT Laser or Ink Jet Printer or Fax Driver Software

InvoWiz 98 Pricing...

License Version US Dollars
One Company Name, One Machine
New: $ 25
Upgrade from version 1:
$ 15.00
Site License
Single Company Name, Unlimited Machines
New License: $ 65
Upgrade from version 1 Site License: $ 20
Upgrade from version 1 Single-User License:
$ 50
Entrepreneur License
Unlimited Company Names, One Machine
New License: $ 65
Upgrade from version 1 Machine License: $ 20
Upgrade from version 1 Single-User License:
$ 50

Note that all InvoWiz 95 licenses purchased since Jan 1, 1999 will qualify for FREE upgrades to the corresponding InvoWiz 98 license.

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InvoWiz 98 Download...

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InvoWiz 98 v. 2.0
Invoicing Software for Everybody!

FileSize: 1.75 MB
Approx Download Time: 7 Minutes with 33.6 KB modem

Unzip into a temporary directory and run "setup.exe".

Click Below to proceed to the download location.
Note: A current email address may be required to download the latest version from our site. We understand the reluctance many people have to providing their email address; however, this is a necessary tradeoff for the the convenience of downloading 30 day Free Trial software. We respect your internet privacy and will not misuse your email address in any way.

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