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InvoViewer is a very useful and powerful utility for use with InvoWiz v. 1.51 or higher. It is certainly appreciated once you have used InvoWiz to create a large number of invoices.

InvoViewer allows you to view and print any invoice previously created with InvoWiz if the invoice has been saved after viewing and approval. Whenever there is a customer or client's question about their purchase, or if the invoice is lost in the mail, you will have a copy on file. There is NO LONGER a need to print a separate copy for your files, so you can help us save as many trees as possible!

The InvoViewer search facility allows you to retreive only the invoices that match a given word or phrase. So if you had hundreds of orders in January you can find the lone customer from Cedar Rapids, Iowa by limiting the "Invoice Number list" to the invoices containing the words "Cedar Rapids."

InvoViewer is not distributed in the same zip file the trial version of InvoWiz since it is intended for those who plan to continue using InvoWiz. All Trialware users are requested to download a copy of InvoViewer and evaluate InvoWiz & InvoViewer as a single package. A convenient link to InvoViewer is provided below.

InvoViewer is free and can be dowloaded HERE and NOW!

InvoViewer for InvoWiz [Search, View and Print Utility]  FREEWARE
(351,645 bytes - 09/16/98)   Requires InvoWiz version 1.51 or higher.

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