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InvoMailer is the answer to Applied Analytic Systems' most frequent business-related program request. InvoMailer is an internet e-mail program which can be used with our popular invoicing program, InvoWiz 95. The Internet is the fastest, cheapest, and most efficient way to transfer data. Using InvoWiz and InvoMailer together, your client can have your InvoWiz-generated invoice in front of him (her) in seconds.

Like InvoViewer, InvoMailer allows you to search and view any invoice previously saved by InvoWiz. Instead of printing and snail-mailing an invoice, instead of faxing an invoice to be lost or viewed by unauthorized individuals, you can send it directly from your computer to your client's computer without leaving the InvoMailer program! Actually, there really is NO LONGER a need to print any invoices on paper at all, so you can do your part to save more trees than ever before.

The InvoMailer search facility, like that found in InvoViewer, allows you to retreive only the invoices that match a given word or phrase. If you are invoicing for the latest version of a program, or have a document or file to send to your client, you can attach the file to your invoice before sending.

InvoMailer is a separate utility for InvoWiz 95, and costs $15. InvoWiz v. 1.51 or higher is required to use InvoMailer. The current trial version of InvoWiz (version 1.53) is available online for download.

Order InvoWiz and InvoMailer together ($35) and get a FREE search engine listing for your Web Site.

 Trial Version

The trial version archive below includes a fully functional copy of InvoMailer.  Your company name and address can be added to InvoMailer invoices if InvoWiz and InvoMailer are registered. You can download InvoMailer now.

InvoMailer for InvoWiz [Invoicing E-Mail Software - Full Trial Version]
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