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Software Support

Applied Analytic Systems offers basic installation and configuration support for all of our desktop, network, and web-based software. We also offer extended support contracts to cover situations beyond initial installation and network configuration. Extended support IS NOT provided free of charge

Extended support addresses typical software problems that occur after several months or years of use. Such extended support would include assistance with software file or database table corruption.

Contract Duration
Contracts are offered for periods of one year. During this period we provide the complete scope of services offered by the contract for any of the software products we produce for which you have a valid license. On establishing the contract you obtain the following services:

  • Phone Support
    This hotline support covers answers to questions, our professional advice, instructions and similar support provided from one of our support personnel to resolve problems which occur during your use of the covered product. Up to 120 minutes of phone support during the contract lifetime.
  • Support Laboratory Projects
    This includes software laboratory help with restoring full or partial data from corrupted files, database tables, and table indexes.
  • Expedited Bug Fixes
    Notification of bugs will be investigated immediately and, if found to be a software coding error, the software will be updated and patches sent upon completion of recompilation and testing.
  • Support Knowledgebase
    Accessible through a password protected portion of our websites. Lists of tools that can be used for DIY projects.
  • Product Updates
    During the period of your contract we will mail updates of the covered product on CD whenever a new updated is issued if your original purchase was on CD, or if download access is not possible (licensed users of all software products are prompted to download latest updates as soon as they are posted). 

How to Order a Support Contract
You can purchase a one-year software support contract through Paypal for $354.97. The contract document will be sent by email and by US Mail and will expire one year from the date it is first used or three years from the date of purchase (whichever comes first).

If you do not want to pay through Paypal, send an email message to or We'll email a special URL for you to make payment by Credit Card. You can also make arrangements to mail a check to our office.

Special One-Time Support Project
If you have a request that requires extended support but do not want to order a support contract, we will provide this support from our facility at our normal hourly rate (one hour minimum).

Almost all support can be provided by Internet delivery; if a trip to your facility is required, we will bill for our current hourly rate and all expenses. Based on our current Annual Support Contract rate [$355.00], an annual contract will be more economical if you end up purchasing more than three special support requests during the year.

If you have talked to our staff and received a time estimate of how long your project should take, you can pay for a one-time support project through Paypal to avoid delays.

Support Contracts and special support projects are administered by Applied Analytic Systems SOHO Software Group.


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