Neural Network R & D at Applied Analytic Systems
Much of Applied Analytic Systems' decision technology consulting services involves modeling and analysis which frequently utilize neural network technologies. We use our expertise in neural networks along with our Windows programming experience to develop unique, custom neural network-driven applications. We also produce stand-alone and third-party neural network-based components and function libraries for (Delphi and C++) programmers.

Custom Models

The following systems demonstrate a few of the problems which have been successfully addressed using neural network models. The development processes involved data collection, data preprocessing and normalization, neural network training and testing, and programming graphical user interfaces for the resulting systems.

The user interfaces are designed so that end-users who know nothing about neural networks can effectively utilize the system for classification, forecasting, prediction, or optimization (as required).


System Name


Type of System and System Goals

MetaNet (Medical) Backpropogation/Rule-Based Expert System for Inherited Metabolic Disease Diagnosis
CombiNeur (Manufacturing) Hopfield Model for solving Combinatorial Optimization Problems
BuyDentify (Marketing) GRNN Model for Classifying Mail-Order Prospects
HitMiner (Entertainment) Backpropogation Model for Analyzing Record Demos for Hit Potential
These systems are owned by their respective copyright holders (our clients); however, we can completely develop similar systems for non-competing organizations.

Neural Network Tools

The following neural network-related software tools are available directly from Applied Analytic Systems, or from resellers worldwide. Send e-mail to for the name of the reseller nearest to your location.

Tool Name

Intended Use and Associated Development Products

TNs2Server Integrate Delphi Applications with NeuroShell 2 Professional Runtime
TDBNormalize Normalize each entry in each record of a BDE database table
NeuroDelphi Lib Neural Network Programmers Toolkit for Delphi
H-TOpt DLL Solve Hopfield-Tank model optimization problems in Delphi, C++, or VB
Applied Analytic Systems own the copyrights for all the above tools. TNs2Server is for licensed users of the NeuroShell 2 Professional development system, copyright Ward Systems Group, Inc. All Delphi components are for licensed developers using Inprise Corporation's Delphi 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, or 4.0 and C++ Builder 3. The dynamic link libraries can be used by any Windows-based programming language.

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To receive additional information or trial versions of Applied Analytic Systems' software components, visit our software page or send e-mail to For information about Delphi & C++ Builder, NeuroShell 2 or NeuroGenetic Optimizer, please visit...


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